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4 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Hello new graphic artist. Name is Kyle, A friend of Liz over in Canada, who was recently informed of your graphic novel through her. She left a message saying to leave a comment about how the prologue is, and to try to pass on the word so that you can get a following on your work.

    Rest assured, I will try to get you a following here in Canada.

    On the concept of your prologue, it is good. People stopped using the (sorry for the symbol, my quotation mark button is not working) in prologues because they consider them to be cliche. I however, do not see it as Cliche so long as new angles are taken into account to a creation story. In this case, you explain so much in your story just from the intro, and, correct me if i am wrong, but it seems like concepts in your story will involve Shapers in this modern world, Death for sure as either a protagonist team mate or the antagonist, but one thing is for certain, that the absence of Death is crucial. All that could be gathered based on how you created your into. I do not recall another story that used their introduction to produce such information. Once again, correct me if I was wrong via email please.

    In addition to the absence of Death, there would probably be an abundance of Time. Since, as the title is Immortal-s Shard (remember the quotation is broken), I assume that some characters are going to be very old, yet still look young, as if time also is absent, due to deaths absence. However, Death, Time, and Age do not go hand in hand, so characters might still look like they belong in a fossil museum. Just a note, this was all just me rambling of possibilities. Please do not see me as a writer to YOUR series. I am just speculating – Liz will tell you, I do that a lot XD.

    Anyways, I will ask Liz to keep me updated on your series, I hope to read your first Chapter soon, and again, I will pass the word of your work here in Canada.Hope you will shoot me an email, and we can chat sometime via the interwebs,

    Kyle MacLachlan

  2. Wow! That was really cool! I know I’ll have to wait a while, but I look forward to reading the rest of the story!

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